HR Start-up Package

Stark HR provides you with a Start-Up Package that will help ‘get your house in order’ and build a healthy foundation for HR best practices. 500+ Files that cover all an HR Department needs. You can buy it in bundles or individually for immediate implementation. 


Our forms, letters, and spreadsheets come with accompanying instruction documents for use by your staff. That's right — pre-written instructions on how to use forms, spreadsheets, etc. Think how much time that saves you in documenting procedures and training. 


We offer 5 products, for different needs and budgets:


1) Individual Templates (1.99 USD/each) - immediate access

2) "Topic" Packages (starting at 11.99 USD) - immediate  access

3) Full HR Kit for Download (549.00 USD) - immediate access

4) Full HR Kit with Consulting Package

5) Full HR KiT with Consulting and Implementation




Individual Templates


Download stand-alone HR templates from our collection. Choose a template, customize it, save it on your server, and use it.  When you download the next one, you'll notice it reads like it was created by the same writer, looks like it came from the same family of documents.  That's because all templates were created to make sense together. 



Bundle Offers



We have 19 Bundle offers, each covering 1 HR Topic. You only pay for what you need. If you want to see what is inside each package, download our Start-up Checklist


Bundle 2: INTERVIEW FILES, FORMATS, TEMPLATES (15 files) - 25.99 USD

Bundle 3: JOB ANALYSIS (13 files) - 20.99 USD

Bundle 4: RECRUITMENT (33 files) - 52.99 USD

Bundle 5: BACKGROUND REFERENCE CHECK (17 files) - 27.99 USD


Bundle 7: PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL (11 files) - 43.99 USD

Bundle 8: COMPENSATION – SALARY (10 Files) - 39.99 USD

Bundle 9: LTA, BONUS AND LEAVE (7 files) - 27.99 USD

Bundle 10:  COMPENSATION - BENEFITS (8 files) - 31.99 USD

Bundle 11:  HR RELATED SAMPLE LETTERS (61 files) - 243.99 USD

Bundle 12:  TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT (7 files) - 27.99 USD

Bundle 13: EXIT FORMALITIES AND ATTRITION (8 files) - 31.99 USD

Bundle 14: HR FORM, TEMPLATES AND FORMATS (13 files) - 51.99 USD

Bundle 15: EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT (3 files) - 11.99 USD

Bundle 16 - EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION (3 files) - 11.99 USD

Bundle 17: EMPLOYEE GRIEVANCE (5 files) - 19.99 USD

Bundle 18: SUCCESSION PLANNING (5 files) - 19.99 USD

Bundle 19: HR CORPORATE CHECKLIST (17 files) - 67.99 USD


Full HR Kit for Download - 499 USD



Download and save our 500+ Microsoft® Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® templates.


Say goodbye to the giant grab bags of so-so templates and hello to your new HR toolkit that features high-quality, well-written, coordinated templates, documents and tools. Arm yourself with a turnkey solution that delivers noticeably better HR for your business


Check the full document list here:


Full HR Kit with Consulting Package - 999 USD


Your Full HR Kit +


HR Needs Analysis


Payroll Gap Analysis


Labor Liability Assessment



Full HR Kit with Consulting and Implementation - 1999 USD



Full HR Kit with Consulting and


Template Customization

We will customize our templates, adjust policies according to your reality and make sure it all looks like it came from the same family of documents.


HR Staff/Management Training

Your team will be trained on how to use our forms, spreadsheets, etc. Think how much time that saves you in documenting procedures and training. 


We will also provide you with the following onsite workshops:


- Interview Techniques for Managers (2 x 4 hour sessions)

- Performance Evaluation Process (2x 4 hour sessions)


Employee Engagement Survey

We will conduct an online employee engagement survey for you!



Your own HR Intranet

Chances are you don't have an intranet or other technology in place to organize HR for staff. Go one step further with your HR toolkit and provide your staff a similar HR experience that looks & feels like an intranet. The best part is that you'll be using only Microsoft Word documents from your HR toolkit to create it.