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90-Day Revenue Accelerator Program

Initially developed as a “proof of concept” service pack for new and start up B2B businesses, to get started with STARKHR, the 90-Day Revenue Accelerator Program will deliver new clients and revenue growth into your business quickly.

Why should I sign up for the program?

There is one reason to sign up for the 90 Day Revenue Accelerator Program above all else: It will get you results that will kick-start your business growth.

​There is no other program we have come across that will drive faster or more predictable outcomes for your business. If you own, run or work in an HR Consulting business this is ideal for you.

How does the Program work?

The program is split into 3 phases over 12 weeks. Each element of the program will focus on building better systems, better positioning of your product (offer), better sales process and better reporting on the success of each element.

​We help you identify the right targets, goals and outcomes to get tangible measurable results. Once your marketing and sales processes are working better together you will be able to confidently expand your opportunities by targeting your ideal customers, resulting in higher conversion and improved ROI.




What results will I get from this Program?

The two main results we see every day for clients on the 90 Day Revenue Accelerator

Program is a higher volume of qualified prospects who convert more readily into


You will have UNLIMITED access to our Sales Opportunities Database, that includes

thousands of sales opportunities. 

We will also work on finding exclusive qualified prospects for you. Sales opportunities

that will not be shared with other service providers. On average our customers receive

4-8  EXCLUSIVE qualified prospects per month. 

Because they are qualified prospects, our clients average conversion rate is 58%,

almost 20 times the results of the most famous "lead finder" services.

What is included?

- Unlimited access to our Sales Opportunities Database

- Onboarding Session for us to understand who your ideal customer is

- Qualified prospects that need your product or service: companies or private individuals that have the budget to buy it and the right to expend the budget and get the purchase and they are open to hear what you have to offer..

- Weekly Benchmarks.

- Monthly Evaluation. 90-day Deep-Dive to evaluate your results.

​How quickly can I expect to see results?

The average client is closing the first sales and revenue by the end of Week 8 and the average ROI is 100x by the end of Week 12.

On every project StarkHR focus on bringing our unique inbound knowledge and expertise, to work alongside you (and your team).


What is my commitment?

We ask every client to commit to work as hard as we will on their business growth for the entire 3 months. This includes in the strategic pre-work to get ready for launch and any business who does not complete all the pre-work will face a delay to the start of their Program. We expect weekly team meetings and also update / review meetings at the end of each week, to report back on results and set up next steps. At the end of the 90 Days you are free to walk away, use the results to renew contracts or enter a longer term retainer with us.

How much does it cost?

The program costs USD 299.00. This is a special "proof of concept" price for this 90 day program. We DON´T charge brokerage fee.

For this investment you will get the entire team at  StarkHR focused on developing and executing your 90 Day Revenue Accelerator  Program with you, as a true team within a team.

For regular prices, please contact us

What happens if you can´t find me qualified prospects?

We will reimburse you. No questions asks. There will be 2 moments when this can happen:

1) After our strategy meeting - if we decide that we are not a good match

2) After the 90 days - if we are unable to send you at least 4 qualified prospects.

Bottom line: you will NOT lose your money. The question is what will your ROI be?

What are the next steps?

1) Sign-up

2) Start submitting proposals to our Sales Opportunities in our database

3) Answer our Profile Questionnaire/Schedule your strategy session

4) Start receiving EXCLUSIVE sales opportunities


If you sign up within the next few weeks, you will be included in our Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas  and New Year giveaway specials: 1 year of qualified prospects for FREE. 4 chances to have your 2022 sales covered!

Halloween Prize
1 free "Grow Program"
1 year HR System Access
Thanksgiving Prize
1 free "Grow Program"
1 year HR System Access

1 free "Grow Program"
1 year HR System Access
New Year

1 free "Grow Program"
1 year HR System Access
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