Zero Interest Payroll Credit or 95% Advancement fee*

Eligibility Criteria

You qualify for credit if:

  • You are an US incorporated company,

  • You sell on credit terms,

  • Your client has a stable credit history,

  • Your client has been incorporated and in business for at least 36 months, and

  • Your client generates a turnover of over 1 million US dollars.

If you meet the minimum criteria, then the process is fairly straightforward and it can be done online; just access the "Request Funding" page on your members area.

Our Differentials

Instant Credit for Payroll
We know that starting a busines can be challenging, especially when you need to cover your first payroll. Our customers have access to a 0% (No interest) credit line to cover their first payrolls. 
High Advance Rates

Sometimes, payroll only is not enought and you need some extra cash. This is where invoice factor comes in. Each factor is different when it comes to its advance rates, but depending on the customer history, we are able to advance rates up to 95%.

Credit Based On Customers

As opposed to traditional lenders factoring and asset-based lending are based on the credit-worthiness of your customers and not solely on the business owner.

Low Fees

When it comes to fees our fees are far less than those attached to credit cards and merchant cash advances, from zero interest payroll credit line to our 3% flat rate.

* partnership with GALD Financial Services

Instant Credit Request

Enter the details of a placement or client and we will let you know if we can provide credit and limits

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