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Optimize Your Lead Generation: Accelerate Sales Leads for Recruiters
(Companies hiring with decision maker info)

Unlock a Goldmine of New Clients Beyond Job Boards with StarkHR

Are your potential top clients hidden in the depths of job boards? Companies that are actively hiring have immediate needs and are the perfect targets for your staffing agency's services, but job boards are primarily designed for candidates, not for your lead generation.

At Stark, we bridge the gap and empower your agency with the fastest and most efficient way to discover valuable sales leads from job boards.

The Missing Link to Your Best Client Leads

Job boards lack crucial information to identify your ideal clients:

  • Company size remains elusive.

  • Industry details are often absent.

  • Multiple job postings from the same company clutter the search.

  • Duplicates and re-postings further obscure the picture.

  • Identifying existing clients within the mix becomes a daunting task.

Manually creating a lead list proves time-consuming, and outsourcing doesn't fare any better as the opportunity slips away by the time you receive the list.


Reveal New Client Prospects Instantly with StarkHR

Enter StarkHR, the ultimate solution for lightning-fast lead analysis. With StarkHR, you gain access to a fresh list of promising companies from job boards in a matter of seconds.


Here's How It Works:

  1. We pull daily new job openings from various job boards.

  2. We then include essential contact details of decision makers within these companies.

  3. You conduct a search based on your criteria.

  4. And voilá! You can Instantly download your personalized lead list in Excel format.

Discover Decision Makers and Connect Effectively

But we don't stop at companies; StarkHR also delivers valuable information about decision makers within these hiring companies. 

  • Gain access to a list of decision makers matching your criteria.

  • Easily view this list on your LinkedIn account to initiate immediate outreach.

  • Identify your existing connections within these companies, providing a warm introduction to the decision maker.

  • Share the list with colleagues, leveraging their connections to make valuable inroads.

StarkHR Streamlines Your Workflow



StarkHR performs a range of crucial tasks in mere seconds, simplifying your lead generation process:

  • Automatically flips through multiple pages of job postings from various job boards.

  • Eliminates duplicate company records and consolidates information seamlessly.

  • Distinguishes staffing companies and presents them in a separate list.

  • Identifies and flags your existing clients if they are currently hiring.

  • Excludes companies from your blacklist, focusing on the most promising prospects.

  • Organizes the companies in a LinkedIn search, instantly revealing your connections.

  • Conducts in-depth research to uncover decision makers matching your ideal customer profile, providing their names, job titles, email addresses, and phone numbers in a convenient spreadsheet.


Don't miss out on your best clients hidden within job boards. Empower your recruiting business with StarkHR today and witness unparalleled growth in your sales leads and conversions.

$695 / QTR

($230 / month)
download up to 5,000 hiring
companies per month



  • 5 Job Board Access - Unlimited Grab Analytics

  • Matches up to 100,000 Companies from ATS / CRM / Excel

  • LinkedIn Lead List

  • Email-Phone included

  • Excel Extraction - Unlimited

$1,995 / Annual

($166 / month)
download unlimited hiring


  • 5 Job Board Access - Unlimited Grab Analytics

  • Matches up to 100,000 Companies from ATS / CRM / Excel

  • LinkedIn Lead List

  • Email-Phone included

  • Excel Extraction - Unlimited

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