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If you pick the right people and give them

the opportunity to spread their wings and

put compensation as a carrier behind it

you almost don't have to manage them.”

Jack Welch


Our Compensation Management Module will help you in making stronger strategic decisions around pay, so that you can better attract, retain, and engage the talent you need to meet business goals.

This Module is a highly configurable compensation solution that supports both easy and complex salary review processes, bonus processes, and long-term incentive awards – all in one unified platform

With our Compensation Management Module, you will be able to offer several benefits for your team:


  • Feel empowered to make informed pay decisions

  • Provide decision support and actionable insight

  • Use automated workflow to speed up and drive the approval process

Human Resources

  • Streamline compensation planning cycles

  • Shift focus to outcomes and more value-added tasks

  • Have real-time oversight of live process

  • Ensure governance


  • Gain transparency and consistency around pay determination

  • Achieve clearer communication on award outcomes

  • Ensure top performers are appropriately rewarded

Execs & Rem Committee

  • Have transparency on pay allocation relative to business goals

  • Ensure strong governance, budget adherence and risk alignment

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