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“To win in the marketplace you must first

win in the workplace.” - Doug Conant

Our Engagement Survey Module provides the assessment infrastructure, analytical tools, and expert advice to help you understand what matters most to your employees and to identify what you need to do to increase employee performance and reduce turnover.

Offer a complete picture of employee engagement in every part of their organization. Identify hidden trouble spots deep within the organization. Find out what is broken - and how to fix it.

​Our interactive dashboard is an intuitive web-based analysis tool that quickly shows how you are scoring on key success factors, compared to other organizations. It goes well beyond "just" employee engagement.


Our SMART Survey

​Start with action-oriented survey items and ask targeted follow-up questions that are automatically tailored to each employee—to provide extra help where it's needed most.

Top Priorities

Using artificial intelligence, we replicate the analytical processes used by experienced consultants to diagnose the most urgent issues facing your organization.

Red Flags

Present results by survey item to focus on priorities. Click items to see written comments for them, as well as our insight & advice. Flag items to add them to your action plan.

​Group Comparison

Regardless of how organizations are doing overall, there are always issues lurking deeper. We help you pinpoint and understand problem areas, so you can take corrective action with greater precision.

Filtering & Sharing

Present results by any of your groups (department, location, tenure, etc.) and instantly share filtered results with any employee. Filtering by managers provides "mini-360s" for professional development.


Boost retention by comparing ratings from leavers and stayers. Uncover blind spots by comparing ratings from leaders and staff. Improve onboarding by checking gaps for new hires.


​Action Planning

In our Action Plan module, convert flagged survey items into goals with tasks and due dates.

​Pulse Surveys

Ensure your improvements and action plans are on track by launching focused pulse surveys throughout the year. Pulse surveys are concise, shorter employee engagement surveys designed to follow up and engage with employees. These flexible progress checks enable you to request follow-up feedback on any survey items from any employees.



See how actions have impacted key metrics, from overall engagement to strategic alignment and manager competency. Celebrate success and get credit.

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