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“Clearly defined job roles will eliminate any kind of dilemma.

It will help an employee better understand what they are supposed

to achieve as a part of their job description.”

Pooja Agnihotri.


Career development is viewed today as a kind of partnership with employees. It is also a key component of a company’s attraction and retention strategy. Many candidates will not consider employment with an organization unless it offers career development as a basic component of its culture.


Job Descriptions: Easy to get started

Use our ready-made content to build out a job description that perfectly fits the role. Find options for competencies, qualifications, job duties, and more to simplify the process and help you cover everything. We've put in the work to save you time, so you can focus on making your job descriptions stand out!

The system is user friendly and lets you will give you a detailed job description in only a few clicks of a mouse. Type in a job title, and with an additional click have the system automatically create a working job description ready for you to download, edit and print.


Career development: Meeting organization and employee needs

With our Organizational Structure Module you will be able to

  • Develop career paths that enable employees to understand their options to grow in the organization

  • Gather the information to determine what skills they would need to achieve this


This module will help you develop a roadmap that enables your employee to acquire the skill set needed for their current job and for the future. You will also be able to use the career plan template as part of the annual performance review process. The template includes:

  • Areas of development

  • Development goals:

  • Action steps

  • Expected completion date

  • Obstacles and solutions

  • Evaluation criteria

Determining effective employee training 

The Organizational Structure Module will also help you answering the following questions

  • Does the employee have the skills to meet the responsibilities of their current job?

  • What gaps need to be addressed to develop their skills so they can meet future job requirements?

  • What are the training goals?

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