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The beautiful thing about learning is that

nobody can take it away from you.”

B.B. King


Our Training Content Kits will build confidence and give you fundamental knowledge to enable you to 'hold your own' in business and management

Our talented team of professionals including an experienced and highly regarded HR team, has developed programs to help you achieve success in your career and business. We currently offer over 600 training options.


Trainings are offered in 3 options:

Micro Training (10 to 30 minutes)

Great things come in small packages and the same holds true in corporate training. Today’s business demands focused, targeted learning, at the point of need


Micro Training refers to the delivery of learning content in the form of “information morsels”. The content is divided into several small chunks, each about 10-30 minutes in duration. Each module is self-standing and addresses one learning objective, comprehensively. 


02-04 Hours Training Modules

This time-frame is very good, for example, for refresher courses and for courses that are fairly basic to master, such as business writing.

Another great example is when, for example, providing ‘Unconscious Bias training (also known as ‘No Bias’ and ‘Anti-Bias’ training).

This is a topic that really only needs a 2-hour workshop because the ideas are relatively straight-forward and are thus perfectly suited as a 2-hour or half-day workshop (at the most).

One final example is when providing Mental Health awareness in the workplace workshops.


This is a course that involves some basic concepts and guidelines for participants and included three or four classroom activities. This really does not need to be more than a 2 hour or half-day course.



08-16 Hours Training Modules

A full-day training day can be the ideal time-frame for the majority of courses given that this allows plenty of time to cover the key concepts, and allows for interactive practice sessions and to wrap up the training day.

Some courses certainly need more than one day, to allow enough time for more complex and difficult to understand subjects.


Two days is enough time to go over harder concepts more than once, i.e. it allows time to refresh these concepts on the second day and also to cover new material.

Two days also allows plenty of time to practice what is taught, such as through role-play and interactive sessions.


What is Included

StarkHR offers you top-quality training materials that are customizable, user-friendly, educational, and fun. We provide you with PowerPoint slides, Instructor's Guide, Activities, Icebreakers, Certificates, and a take-home reference sheet for the participants. You simply need to prepare and train!

You can customize the content by adding your logo, change the color scheme, and easily print and e-mail training materials.



Hundreds of video training clips to create a whole new dimension to your instructor-led training workshops. The video clips have all been organized by course title and module to make it easy to include in your training. There are introductory clips that provide an overview of each course and examine specific course objectives, as well as animated wrap ups that really pull together all the training topics from each module.

Same Content Multiple Languages


We're very comfortable dealing with companies who have operations spanning many different countries and languages. At StarkHR we have the capability and resource to offer training content in many languages across a range of different subjects.

Our trainings are available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Brazilian Portuguese.

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