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StarkHR Consulting LLC., including its subsidiaries and affiliates (“StarkHR”), provides consulting, recruiting, training and compensation data services, along with application-based content services. Our software and services do not include any products that need to be shipped.  


Content Services

Content services are fulfilled through our website at While some content is immediately available to view for free on our website and software application, other information may require purchasing a subscription service in order to view. Customers with existing StarkHR accounts may access this information through their existing account on the StarkHR platform at New customers will need to set up an account to access the software, and sign a service agreement to purchase services.

Coaching/Consulting Services

Coaching and Consulting services are delivered via email, phone, and/or Zoom.


When a client books a coaching/consulting session, he or she will receive an email confirmation confirming date and time of the session.  The client will also receive a coaching agreement. If, for any reason, the client needs to cancel or reschedule, it can be done through their existing account on the StarkHR platform at



You may cancel your services by providing thirty (30) days’ written notice to us. Please note that StarkHR shall continue to provide Services until the consulting, recruiting, and compensation data services may be terminated in accordance with applicable law, this may be more than thirty (30) days. Your obligation to pay final and unpaid invoices survive cancellation of services.



Customers may request a refund for services, if requested within 30 days of initial contract date. The customer needs to provide, in writing, a reason for dissatisfaction with the service. We reserve the right to issue refunds at our sole discretion.


For more details, visit our Terms of services and Privacy Policy.

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