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Policies & Procedures - Eliminate Blank-Page Syndrome

Policies and Procedures at Your Fingertips

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere

as long as the policy you've decided upon is being carried out.”

 - Ronald Reagan

Our Policies & Procedures Library features over 1000 sample forms, policies and checklists available for downloading, customizing and printing. The range of sample forms covers the most important and relevant aspects of managing human resources and the employer/employee as well as the company/client relationship.




Made for Today's Workplace

  • Gender neutral. Written without the use of he, she, her, his, etc., without sounding forced.

  • Written in every day language in plain English (except where legalese is required).

  • Uses a modern and business-casual tone.


​Professionally-Written & Compliant​

  • Created by experienced HR professionals and consultants

  • Reviewed and edited by one professional writer with a Masters in instructional design resulting in consistent language & voice throughout.  

  • Reviewed by employment lawyers. 


Flexible & Connected

Templates were created so they can easily be used as stand-alone documents, but written, designed & organized into families of documents - each focusing on a specific topic.  They connect to each other and make sense as a grouping.


Fresh, Clean & Easy-to-Read 

  • Professional formatting improves usability and makes you look like a pro!

  • Professional, consistent formatting applied from a custom suite of pre-defined styles

  • Uses the same format in every template so your readers get accustomed to the flow of your documents and know what to expect. 

  • Clear, hierarchical header structure make the documents easy to scan and read.


HR Compliance Quick-Check

Whether your company has 5 or 5000 employees, it’s important to conduct a regular review of your HR and benefits-related notices, records and procedures to ensure compliance with the lawand prevent potential liabilities and employee lawsuits. Our checklist features key steps for evaluating your management practices to help keep your company HR compliant.

Legislation Portal

The Legislation Portal provides employment law resources  because it's critical for small business to understand the basics and stay up to date with the laws that affect their workforce.  You will have an overview of 5 areas of employment law:    

    • Employment Standards

    • CRA requirements

    • Human Rights

    • Occupational Health & Safety

    • Privacy

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