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Tuesday, April 11 2023

2:30 PM


About the Client:

Building maintenance services, provides: Building industry
20-99 employees


Sales Analyst Determining sales potential based on new and existing sales data Gathering and analyzing data to prepare detailed reports Presenting weekly/monthly sales reports to the Senior Management Coordinating with the Marketing team to create promotional materials Suggesting ways to improve marketing and sales campaigns Forecasting new industry and sales trends Reviewing the company’s past and current sales performance Referring to internal and external sources for report preparation Presenting detailed insights, recommendations, and feedback on company sales Developing sales quotes and strategies Conducting thorough research on current market trends Analyzing the company’s revenue and expenses Evaluating and developing pricing proposals Optimizing sales activities Coordinating with the Sales Manager at all times Implementing, managing, and improving sales processes Comparing day-to-day sales productivity
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What comes next?

Once you make a booking, we will confirm your meeting with the business representative and send you a confirmation email containing the following details:

- Contact Name

- Meeting link (Zoom, Teams or Google Meet)

- Needs/Requirements for the service

Confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Cancellation guarantee

If the client cancels the meeting, we'll provide you with a free new booking. 

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