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Wednesday, April 12 2023


09:30 AM


About the Client:

Property development, management and sales services, provides: Services to businesses
20-99 employees


Risk Manager Lead and report on all risk management duties allocated by the Risk Management Director. Implement policies and direct training that provide assistance with reducing our organization's overall risks. Examine and identify potential risks for assigned projects and records. Propose conceivable solutions/programs/conventions to handle risks. Take an interest in all appraisals to recognize and limit misfortune. Direct appraisals to characterize and analyze conceivable dangers. Assess the gravity of each risk previously handled with its outcomes. Review procedures and techniques of risk management and develop risk management controls and frameworks. Develop safety and health measures and purchase insurance. Educate the Board of Directors about the vital risk to the business. Configure procedures to eliminate or moderate potential dangers. Help execute business continuity plans to control crisis. Assess existing strategies and techniques to discover weaknesses. Prepare risk management reports and provide suggestions. Promote risk awareness and risk assessment methodologies in the organization. Assist Risk Analysts and Risk Assistants in regards to risk evaluation Recommend the solutions and plans to minimize the risks.
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Once you make a booking, we will confirm your meeting with the business representative and send you a confirmation email containing the following details:

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Cancellation guarantee

If the client cancels the meeting, we'll provide you with a free new booking. 

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