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Wednesday, April 12 2023


1:00 PM


About the Client:

Concrete works contractors, provides: Building industry
20-99 employees


Lorry Driver Supervising the loading and unloading of goods Maintaining the vehicle in an excellent working condition Ensuring safety of goods while transporting Finding and driving through a shorter route during an emergency or to avoid heavy traffic Reporting any delays to the Transportation Manager Maintaining an accurate record in the travel logs Inspecting and conducting minor repairs Adhering to the road safety precautions and regulations Completing daily delivery schedules in a timely fashion Collecting and verifying delivery documents Paying tolls and maintaining a receipt of the same Ensuring all the shipments are stacked properly Keeping tracking of the weather conditions and traffic status before starting the journey Scheduling timely vehicle servicing appointments
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What comes next?

Once you make a booking, we will confirm your meeting with the business representative and send you a confirmation email containing the following details:

- Contact Name

- Meeting link (Zoom, Teams or Google Meet)

- Needs/Requirements for the service

Confirmation may take up to 24 hours.

Cancellation guarantee

If the client cancels the meeting, we'll provide you with a free new booking. 

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