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Wednesday, April 12 2023


1:30 PM


About the Client:

Means of transport, provides: Motor vehicle maintenance and repair services
20-99 employees


Media Planner Outreach the maximum number of people with possible lowest-priced Ads. Evaluate market data, identify the target audience and comprehend their behavior and propensities. Discover the best media outlet mix for our advertising campaigns. Improve and optimize ad campaigns as indicated by demographics, geographic exposure, recurrence, time range, and other factors. Allocate budgets and monitor the costs of media campaigns. Identify and follow media trends of online and offline outlets e.g. TV shows, magazines, blogs and radio programs. Work closely with marketing, and sales departments for the launch of media campaigns. Maintain good relationships with advertising agencies and media owners like newspapers, magazines, websites and radio and television stations. Discover a media mix that will empower us to convey the message efficiently. Find and purchase space in print publications or TV markets. Work smoothly with media planners and buyers of the organization. Stay up to date with industry figures including distribution and audience figures.
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Once you make a booking, we will confirm your meeting with the business representative and send you a confirmation email containing the following details:

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Cancellation guarantee

If the client cancels the meeting, we'll provide you with a free new booking. 

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