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Wednesday, April 12 2023


08:00 AM


About the Client:

Transportation and logistics services, provides: Airport administrationAirport services...
20-99 employees


HR Consultant Establish, modify and initiate human resource programs and methods. Formulate and practice desired human resource plans. Suggest administration on the application of HR strategies and processes. Take responsibility for the timely completion of human resource-related projects. Help the company with the establishment and plan of suggested amendments in regard to the work schedule. Generate means to assemble and determine information for policies and specific proposals. Supervise everyday human resource operations for all HR personnel. Provide a response to all queries and perform all human resources functions smoothly and maintain cost-effectiveness in all activities. Collaborate with the management team to the integration of all new employees into the organization. Ensure human resource strategies and plans are in accordance with already developed programs and services. Organize conferences associated with the certain affairs of HR. Evaluate the company's ongoing HR plans/ meetings to suggest a suitable explanation and resolution. Research and stay up-to-date with new trends and advancements in the human resources field.
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