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High Volume Recruiting Challenge – How Anne made 6 figures in 60 days

Can you find 30 candidates in 60 days? Anne did. This healthcare company was looking for customer service representatives. With 10+ years’ experience as a Healthcare recruiter, Anne decided to submit a proposal for this opportunity.

S: What was your selling strategy?

A: Well, I had the technical knowledge and experience, so I knew what they were looking for. I also knew what kind of candidate they wanted to avoid, so when I wrote my proposal, I included a description of the ideal candidate and pitfalls I wanted to avoid.

S: How do you negotiate high volume? Do you offer replacement?

A: Replacement can be a challenge, especially when we are talking about high turnover positions, so I prefer to lower my per hire rate but I do not offer replacement.

S: Speaking of per hire rate, do you mind telling us a little more about how this works?

A: Well, in this case, I went for the long run, so instead of my usual percentage fee, I offered a fixed (and lower) “per hire” rate. So far I places 32 candidates.

S: WOW, that´s impressive!

A: And that in less than 60 days. I know there is more to come, they will be open more positions, so this has been a very successful partnership.

S: And how do you get paid?

A: I get paid 30 days after the candidate start.

S: What is the best strategy to make 6 figures?

A: In my case, I focus on high volume recruiting positions and in developing a strong candidate pipeline, so that the client knows that I am the go-to person when they need someone new for that position.

S: What would you say to someone who is just starting in the recruiting business?

A: Make sure you understand the position you are working on and screen your candidate before sending the resume to the client, especially in high turnover markets.

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