CUSTOM REPORT The Custom Report Option offers detailed and full customized reporting capability. Ideal for participants who need reports based on a selected set of participants or to meet specific scoping criteria. You have complete control and flexibility in defining your own reports to include the pay elements and statistics you require.The Custom Compensation Report Includes:


1) Job Descriptions:  Uploadable job descriptions in Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat are also provided at no additional cost.

2) Summary Report:  Displays a line of data for each job, including basic statistics such as:

  • Average or Median Base Pay

  • Average or Median Variable Cash Compensation

  • Total Number of Employees Reported 

  • Total Number of Companies

​3) Detail Report:  Provides a full page of data analysis for each job, including statistics on each pay element such as:

  • Detailed Job Description 

  • Annual and Hourly 75th, 50th, 25th Percentiles 

  • Number of Employees Reported 

  • Number of Companies 

  • Earnings Mix: Showing Base, Variable Cash Compensation as a percentage of Total Cash 

  • FLSA Status

​4) Uploadable Excel Breakout Report:  Similar to the Uploadable Excel Report above, PLUS adds the ability to split the results into categories such as Geography, Product, or Revenue, etc.

5) Market Comparison Report:  Provides a tabular and graphic comparison of your own company data to that of your selected market. An easy way to show competitive standing of your company.

Custom 2021 Report