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Lets Open New Doors for You

Connect with buyers who are actively looking for services in your region and grow your business.

StarkHR hunts new businesses for you. Instead of wasting time targeting a long list of potential leads, book meetings with buyers who are actively searching for your products and services.

See how many requests we have for you today


We have


Intent Buyers waiting for your call! Talk to them today!

How does it work?

1. You order exclusive Intent Buyers

2. We search our Intent Buyers database for you

You tell us how many intent buyers you want to talk to, what product you are selling, their location.

 Our database contains thousands of quote requests. We engage your prospects through a combination of marketing channels, including direct phone prospecting, email outreach, and social media brand awareness campaigns.

3. You get your intent buyers data delivered and book your meeting

Once we find your leads, you will receive an email with the contact person, phone number and email, so you can get in touch immediately!

What are buyer intent leads?

Buyer Intent leads are prospects who have been generated by the marketing team, evaluated by the sales team and fits the profile of an ideal customer with the intent to buy. They have the budget, authority, need, and timeframe for your service

Alexa Young, CA

I was a bit hesitant to invest my hard-earned money. After giving it a try, though, I am so glad that I did! With only 25 USD, I made over 4,000 USD in just one contract. Highly recommended!
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