• Where does your search for the right candidate stop?

  • Do you have the right tools, solutions, strategies in place to achieve your goal?

  • Are you using the right technology to grab the right fit?

  • Are you still into the red ocean of candidates?

Did you know that Linkedin and Indeed only scratch the surface when it comes to candidates? Yet, everyday thousands of competitors fight over their database. What about the 80% of cold candidates outside these platforms?

Our system maps them and deliver their info to you. And if you think they are good fit, you can use our assessment center to make sure they are the right fit for your company. All our assessments are included when you start looking for candidates through our system. 


Recruiters want to find quality talent faster. 

What if the selected candidate doesn’t show up or rejects your job offer?

Going through the entire candidate shortlisting and selection process is tiring and time-consuming. 

We provide you with:

  • Resume searches that brings similar candidate recommendations matching a specific resume.

  • Job to Resumes matches that brings more candidate recommendations for a job position.


  • With quick candidate recommendations, recruiters do not need to search candidates again and again.

  • You save time and invest it in other activities.

  • You close more jobs quickly.

What is included?

  • Job Adds

  • Cold candidate recommendation

  • Candidate screening

  • Your own recruiting management system

  • Unlimited assessments