30-day Re$ult$ Challenge

We love bringing a $mile to our client´s face. And we know that re$ult$ are linked to having the right people in your team. Our full HR solution was created to make you $mile! From start to finish, everything you need to run your HR


Job Board - Post your job to 20+ job boards for free, unlimited positions

Resume Search - our system will search the best resumes for you and upload it to your job post. 

ATS -  organize candidates for hiring and recruitment purposes. Collect information, organize prospects based on experience and skill set, and filter applicants

Pre-Employment Assessments - our screening tests identify the best candidates and make your hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free. Unlimited use for candidates and employees.

On-boardingThis includes everything from benefits enrollment to employee handbooks. Do you know where your new hire is in the onboarding process? Do you know who will be training them on the intranet tomorrow? Each step the new hire has completed is clearly displayed and easily followed by leadership. 

Time ManagementKeep track of your team's attendance, whether they work at the office, from home or are on the you will be able to monitor it. Our Projects feature helps you understand how many hours are spent on projects and activities, with automated project costing reports.

Performance Management - track the performance of employees consistently and measurably. It allows you to ensure that employees and departments across the organization are working effectively towards achieving the business' strategic goals.

Engagement Survey - assess how motivated and engaged your employees are to perform their best at work each day. From these surveys, you can gain insight into employees' thoughts and attitudes towards their work and the overall environment.

Training Modules (400+ Trainings) - Here you can find  everything you need to deliver amazing training.  All of these workshop resources can be easily customized: mix and match training topics between courses, add new content, and even re-brand as your own. 

Job Profiler (800+ Job Description Templates) - With our efficient job description tool, you can transform a blank page into a professionally-developed job description in minutes

HR Intranet - Company Policies and HR forms (700 Templates), Staff Appointments, Calendar of holidays and training events, Employee birthdays and anniversaries, Job vacancies.

And Much more...

Free 30 day Re$ult$ that will make you $mile!

What HR Services do you use?

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