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Can you make 24k in 7 days? John did. Learn how:

John M has been an independent recruiter for over 6 years but has never had such a speedy process as when he started to work with StarkHR.

On a Monday morning, he opened his opportunity portal and saw a Network engineer opportunity asking for someone with substation experience. “That was just perfect for my candidate, so I decided to send them a summary of his experience and to my surprise about an hour later, I got a message from the hiring manager!”

S: What was the key to get it done so fast?

J: Well, of course that having a strong candidate played a major role, but having a well written contract template is also key. So the timeline was 2 days for contract signature, then 2 days interview process and by end of day 5 they were issuing an offer letter.

S: Was it a contingency or a retainer contract?

J: It was a contingency contract with payment upon offer acceptance.

S: Is this a one time thing?

J: A 5 figure pay in 7 days, I think, is a rare opportunity, but I had several other clients over the past few months, so making 5 figures a month is definitely not! It all depends on your candidate pipeline.

S: What is the best strategy to make 6 figures?

J: One step at a time. Don´t send general proposals to hundreds of businesses. Nurture your client, deliver your best service in order to make sure he re-hires you when he has new openings.

S: What would you say to someone who is just starting in the recruiting business?

J: Quality over quantity. Always!

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